ITO Opal & Amethyst CZ Necklace set in 18K White Gold Pl

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ITO OPal Necklace
Set in 18K White Gold Plated
Necklace measures 18 1/2"
What is IT Opal? Ito is the originator of the world's finest naturally lab created fine opal produced.

"Ito" Opals are considered as valuable as naturally created opal and are only produced in very limited and controlled quantities. The Ito Opal produces a kaleidoscope effect, shedding an array of color over the base opal color, usually white, black or pink.
It takes 14-18 months to complete the creation of an "Ito" opal. During the creation process only natural products are used, the opal is never exposed to chemical treatements or enchancements during the creation process. Ito Opals contain many of the same elements as a natural opal; however they do not include water. The exclusion of water leaves the Ito Opal tougher and heat resistant.

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